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Bodysuspension in Saint-Petesburg

15 august 2015

On August 10, on a fine day in St. Petersburg, with a pleasant company we have gone suspended. For a start I will say that the company was good as in the good old days — Yana and Alice, Ferd, Max and me))) Of course, in such a company I did not leave the idea that some man here are severely lacking, some unfathomable talent in the field of suspensions, a man whom I did not stop cursing in terms of vitality and which never cease to admire as the Master. Well, hello, here nothing else to say))...

Suspension at "Wagon"

25 july 2015

In late June, in an abandoned building  named «Wagon», I spent my time with hooks and Four people, three of whom were suspended for the first time))) Frankly, that for me this time in some ways was the first also — the first time I was on the suspension alone, without an assistant on the ropes and piercing.

Thanks to the advice of my Estonian friend Dima, find a place to mount the equipment was easy. Despite the fact that I was jumping with rope twice...


16 february 2015

Phangan Island is famous for its party, drugs and «ezoteric» layer of the population. I have nothing against esoteric, veganism, yoga and shamanic practices (some of these even practicing personally). However, under the " false ezoteric" I mean the people who will tell you about «energy, chakra cleansing & shamanic rituals» gravely, and using LSD, smoke weed and drink alcohol at the party until 5 am, calling it «practice»and the «spiritual growth». I, in fact...

Angel Andy

09 february 2015

Our meeting with the guys was due to a worldwide network Facebook. The first time we were in Cambodia, and the guys in Phuket. Next time, it was the opposite — we are travelers, not so easy to intercept each other in Asia.
Andy wanted to hang on hooks, I certainly did not mind, and this guys bought tickets and came to us to Phuket. We always welcome new friends, enjoyable and fun guys so host them at our home. Of course, after a night in the bus, we decided not make the procedure...

Saigon Hooks

05 december 2014

We met Gabriel when we came to live with Zani, of which I have already written. A quick glance at his tattooed body and we realized — this is «our» guy. Gabri was very sincere, open-minded and cheerful person, and spend time with him was a pleasure. When he found out what we were doing — immediately wanted to try it, saying that long dreamed about it. No sooner said than done!

In a multimillion Saigon is not so easy to find a secluded spot for hanging...

The First suspension at Koh Phangan

10 october 2014

Sam Lowry (Max) wrote about everything very good. So here is his interview.
1. How long have thought about the suspension?
9 years ago in some LJ community I saw the photo — guy hanging on hooks in his knees. Appeared incomprehensible craving for it… And then I spend all my time with the computer. There was another problem: the childhood spent under droppers, made itself felt. From any human intervention in the integrity of the body (injections, punctures...

Saint-Petersburg. Part 2

09 june 2014

The second part of my story about a trip to St. Petersburg will be about bodysuspension! Oh, I love it)))
Il'shat, brother of my old friend Almaz, was suspended and it was his second suspension. And we met, in fact, on his first:) It happened in June 2014, the weather was «St. Petersburg-style», which means «wet and cold.» Postponing the procedure «tomorrow» a few times, we finally decided to spend all cozy and homey — with tea and cookies...

Hanging under High Voltage

15 may 2014

 7th of June, we carried with Oll Takova fun hanging on a Power Line. For me it was 28th suspension and for Oll, for me personally it's especially exciting, the first one! I love to hang people for the first time, it's very special emotions for both — the master and for the «victim»;) Everything passed fine, and of course I couldn't resist to ask Oll some details about her emotions and thoughts, since outset, namely — from our first meeting.
1. First meet...