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Date: 01 january 2015


Фото Equipment

This is our clothes: linen, jackets, raincoats, flis for cold weather, according to some shorts and pants on one person, a few shirts that came into complete disrepair)))

For shower: shower gel, razors, deodorant, toothpaste, brushes, clippers, cosmetics, which I did not use)))

Papers: passports, bank cards, driving license, wallet, notebooks, signs in Vietnamese)))

Bag with valuable electronic stuff: 2 leptops, telephones, gopro, memory cards, flash, battery for charging phone, hard drives, charging, headphones, electronic cigarettes (for buses and airplanes).

First Aid Kit - a very important thing. Muscle pain ointments, peroxide, wound healing creams, analgesics, eye drops and ointments, ear drops, antiemetic, antidiarrhoeal, antibiotics, smectite, ointment for skin infections, activated charcoal, means of throat, vitamins, thermometer, paracetamol, valokordin, inhaler, and suprastin tavegil the case of food (or other) allergies. Like all)))

Charging, flashlights, duct tape, a soldering iron, etc., is very useful.

2 foam to sleep, blanket, antimoskito spray, a towel as a light colorful cloth, flashlight, knife, Turk for coffee.

This is our kitchen: portable gas burner with a spare bulb, metal bowl, steel mug, spoons, oregano seasoning and soy sauce (add noodles or rice and "Roadside Picnic" is ready). Of course, tea - shen-Puer for cheerfulness, Vietnamese oolong overnight, mini-cups and a teapot for that. Honey, a set of spices for Indian tea "masala" - ginger, cinnamon, coriander, black pepper, cloves. Strategic set of noodles.

Equipment for suspension: 50 meters of rope, cord rap, blocks, hooks, gris-gris, loops, harness, rig.

Pharmacy "unusual": different types of hooks in sterile bags, needles (4 species), plaster, peroxide, antiseptics, petrolatum, ammonia, thread in case something and sew needle holder, surgical scissors, forceps for piercing (2 pieces).

Tattoo Supplies: Machine, clipcord, power supply, foot, stand for caps, caps, ink, needles, nozzles. Detol, petroleum jelly.

Creativity: chopsticks, thread and scissors.

All this fits within the 2 backpack that weighed 15kg and 25kg approximately. 

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