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Date: 06 july 2015

Interview with Dosia

Фото Interview with Dosia

 I think I know Dosya one hundred years! She is making piercing and bodmod in Moscow around this time also)))  During this time, much has changed in our lives, a lot has happened, including such serious events like marriage, divorce, birth of a child ... I was curious to ask her these questions, and I'm sure that  it will be interesting to read the answers for you also. The scandals, intrigue, investigation! Catch all about one of the most well-known Moscow bod mod masters!

How long have you're making bod-modes?

 I went for 16 year since I've been working in this field

 What are your favorite? 

Great preference is given to the ear pointing and tongue Spliting

How many clients have you had?

Calculate almost impossible!) But on the day it's about 15-20 people

Have you any problems with customers?

Absolutely no problems, there were misunderstandings in terms of care and not wanting to listen how to make better!

How many times you're being suspend on the hooks?

3 times


What is it for you?

 I wanted to prove that I can doing that! But this is the first time. Later as the purification of the soul! It helps when you very tired of life to throw off all this ballast! The effect lasts for a long time)))


How are things in Personal life?

Married, have a wonderful son

How it is to be a mother?

At first it was hard for a couple of months sitting at home and feeding took almost all of my time, not taking into account the chores! The kid has grown up, and the herd is much easier and work and be with him!

How you combine all of its activities?

If there were more hours in the day, time to be even more) as well in the morning time for family, day for work & evening for friends and fun! But not every day you get tired of it too!

You are happy?

Yes, I believe I am! But for total harmony I need 2 small kids more! And my mission to be a happy woman will be complete!) 

Are you prepared to become a mother?

Yes and for a long time, but my husband and I took about 3 years for it! We were in India and went to the temple and it is not clear - maybe something happened there, maybe it's time come, but when we back to Russia -bam! 2 strips!)

How was pregnancy and childbirth for you?

In this regard I was lucky! No discomfort, no toxicity and hells eating habits! Yes, I worked in studio until February 1 and at February 17 our baby was born!)

Did you breastfeed?

Yes, I believe that every woman must not only born a baby, but also fatten your baby as long as it possible! I have six months left! I am not a milk  factory; (

How did you come so quickly to the form?

Probably still come!) There are no women who would be happy with her figure, always find a flaw!) So it is moving toward a partial ideal!

What are you doing to split does not grow back together?

For this there are special exercises and gymnastics, as well as in the first 4 weeks has to go to the ball or hemostatic sponge between the halves 

How many procedures of splitting penis you did and how it was?

Not really like this procedure, so as they say once was enough))) Yes it's a decision spontaneously, and it was my husband!) So he had no choice!)))


What is the most important thing in a man for you?

The most important thing is a sense of humor! If he can make me laugh even during hellish days, I did not kill him!)) In second place kindness and caring! The rest is all in my hands!)

What is your relationship with your parents?

I love my parents! They always gives me confidence and supported me in my choice and enthusiasm! Their patience and faith in me made me who I am today !!! I thank them for it !!!!!

Sexual preferences?

More fan for tin rather than tenderness! But do not think about the lashes and leashes!) Just love the power and passion!

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