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Date: 17 april 2014

The story of my knees

Фото The story of my knees


This story start at New Year Holidays 2010. It was in Saint-Petersburg, everybody was totally drunk, so I wasn't impressed. The pose was usual - 4 hooks 3,2mm.  

 1 year later I decided to use only 1 knee for my suspension, it was 9 or 10 mine hanging and 2 with knee. What can I say? It was painful. Uncomfortable. I felt how my knee burned, and the procedure was really short :) So, I was more disappointment than pleased.     

And again after 1 year of thinking and preparing I made 1 knee suspension in STUDIO44. 

This time it wasn't so painful, conditions was more comfortable and I passed this experience much better.  

Anyway everything was fun, successfully, with small tear on my knee. 

After this event, I didn't hang on my knees until summer 2013. After divorce I had no other way for suspension except pierce myself singly, so knee-pose was perfect for this experience. I was really nervous before piercing - I never put so big needles in my body independetly - but it was easy! I was concentrate on the process so I got almost no pain :) I left the ground with torture and it was long, maybe because of long break after last suspension, but when it happen - I was totally happy! I have no photo from this.

Next sus happen at awesome Thai island Phuket in spring 2014. At that moment all my equpment was stolen, so I order rope, rig & needles from Russia ( thanks to Uki Mateus & Leonid Kopelchuk), but still had problems with hooks. After some visits to fishermans shops we finally found that - real sea demons! Alex made it for me in final edition :)

 Also we changed the form for correct load distribution. 

I choose the place, which means a lot for me - I spent here a lot of time, alone, when I felt this need.

Piercing was not so scarry, I made it fast and painless. 

I still dislike this part of suspension, but it was not so bad as usual.

It was cool & fun, and I think it wasn't the last knee suspension in my life    ^_^

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