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Date: 17 august 2015

Lip tattoo

Фото Lip tattoo

I am an ardent fan of the experiments,  new experience, first times and everything unusual and shocking, and it's not only the appearance but the life-style also. How I love to talk - "ashamed better than never")))

This time I decided to get a tattoo inside the mouth on the lip. I saw a lot of pictures in Facebook, but always it was a fresh tattoo, so I had no idea how it will heal. Moreover, despite the large number of tattoos on my body, I never used the red ink, and it's known like highly allergenic, and often do not heal even in the skin, to say nothing about the mucous.

It was not easy to come up with an inscription))) After some thought, I stopped in two versions - a popular Russian "dick" (хуй) and the well-known foreign "sex".  Both of them is the word of three letters, hehe))) I wanted something capacious, short, appropriate to the situation in which this tattoo can be shown))) After a small survey of my friends, I stopped at a certain variant)))

Does it hurt? I don't think so. For first, writing three letters takes not more than 10 minutes. Secondly, I know much more painful places - the chest, neck and hands. However, tears streaming down slightly, as though tickles your nose))) Btw, the same feelings of irritation and watery eyes (I even sneezed) were at the tattooing of the forehead.

Tattoo has healed remarkably well. There was a sense of volume in the site of application and a strange taste, but not more than 2 days. After complete healing of the letters were a little thin, but the lines have not changed and remained the same clear. And I have no allergies to the red ink))) Hurray!


Big thnx to Kostya Koveza from "West End" tattoo studio for this pretty dick in my mouth))) 

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