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Date: 16 october 2014

Mila on the hooks. Interview

Фото Mila on the hooks. Interview

1. How long you thought about the suspension?

My first suspension was happened in April 2012, on the Koh Chang  island (Thailand). I decided not to miss my chance to experience the new sensations. We met up with the guys and at the next day I was hanging.)

Impressions were so bright that I could not let the idea to repeat the procedure. Just at this moment I started to think about the second one.

2. What was the motivation?

Motivation))) I'm just struggling with my fears. Insane fear of water (even the shower hardly be accepted) and height waned after the first suspension. My body has proven that the brain makes a mistake, that the pain in the our heads only. And at that moment something inside moved the fears out. Now I fly by plane, looking  from the height and even started to swim.))) And yet ... I think, I just like the feeling of pain;)

3. What about piercing procedure?

Piercing. A lot of people says that this is the most unpleasant procedure, but for me this is the charm. If you don't look and try to think about something else, the feeling like you were bitten by a large mosquito)

Sasha Shanti is a wonderful "mosquito" and for me her "bites" is only joy. After a couple of minutes the pain was gone and the hooks were beautiful. What could be more wonderful)

4. The process itself?

And now the fun begins. In my first suspension in the head creates chaos, I want just run and hide somewhere. The constant  that you already get pain when get hooks ... enough, go away! ...))) And you're getting all closer and closer, and there you are already hitched (strongly clamped eyes)

and you already in the air...

Chaos in your head, you even didn't feel the pain. But you in the air and you OK. 

At the second I am already learn this feelings, so no panic at all. Small discomfort in the hooks area - but that's all. I felt appeasement.

5. What you feel after?

I am so grateful to the guys for these feelings. Already several days I am just flying. Became calmer and not passing smile). Support of a loved one, the happy faces of friends and professional suspension masters made my suspension incomparable.

P.S. From myself I want to add - it was great, despite the swarms of mosquitoes. Honey, we love you very, very much, stay the same deep and creative person, who overcome the fears and moving to the new experiences! For photos thanks to Dmitry Zolotarev

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