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My suspensions

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13th Tattoo Festival in Saint-Petersburg

28 june 2015

13 Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival held June 12-13-14. Me with Moscow company of friends began to celebrate this thing on the day before the first day of festival so we were completelly drunk!

Arriving at the club, we continued with «White Horse»)))) We met a bunch of friends, talked, drink… We are like a fire with my lovely Kate) Oh yeah!)

Actually, about how we spent the whole 3 days, but I would like to highlight a few interesting moments. For starters...

Elbow suspension on the yacht

20 march 2015

Long time I dreamed about hanging on a yacht. And dream became true! I want to express my gratitude to Captain Alexander Velikohotko for boat and lack of prejudice, as well thanks to my beloved Alexander Zhuravlev for the installation of the system, love and support))) For me boat by that time had become a cozy home, because we have lived on it for a week. In the morning we drank coffee, swim, mount the system and ready to piercing.

 It was very hot...

Angkor Wat suspension

07 november 2014

I dreamed about suspension in Angkor Wat since the first time I saw his picture. It is not surprising that a few days after crossing the Cambodian border, we were inside the complex with all necessary equipment. Since Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site — the crowds here are the same as on the pyramids in Egypt or the tower of Pisa. Given this fact, we first went to the most quiet and remote temple, looked around, touch, admire, estimated the number of routes and tourists. Smoked...

Mountain park "Ruskeala"

26 june 2014

I think that many of you will be curious to know about  the incredible location, where the first hanging in the framework of the  «Sus-travelling» project was happened. With the special warmth I want to note that this trip was my gift for Birthday, and more peacefull holidays can not imagine;)
The first mention of Ruskeala dated 1500th year as a part of Nikolsko-Serdobolsky region, but it wasn't where it's now...

The story of my knees

17 april 2014

This story start at New Year Holidays 2010. It was in Saint-Petersburg, everybody was totally drunk, so I wasn't impressed. The pose was usual — 4 hooks 3,2mm.  

 1 year later I decided to use only 1 knee for my suspension, it was 9 or 10 mine hanging and 2 with knee. What can I say? It was painful. Uncomfortable. I felt how my knee burned, and the procedure was really short :) So, I was more disappointment than pleased...