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Date: 15 may 2014

Hanging under High Voltage

Фото Hanging under High Voltage

 7th of June, we carried with Oll Takova fun hanging on a Power Line. For me it was 28th suspension and for Oll, for me personally it's especially exciting, the first one! I love to hang people for the first time, it's very special emotions for both - the master and for the "victim";) Everything passed fine, and of course I couldn't resist to ask Oll some details about her emotions and thoughts, since outset, namely - from our first meeting.

1. First meet.

Like everything in the world happens for a reason, our acquaintance was not accidental) I saw this beautiful girl in the Internet. Her activities in the photos. Sometimes it's happens that you feel human energy, even without being familiar. Feel that the person you are impressed. Leaving the warm countries, Sasha returned to Russia and noted this fact by tattoo) When we talked about it - I wasn't asked "how to get the money for the job," I was just pleased to do it for that person. And our acquaintance happened - she trusts me a piece of her body, her temple.

2. The Way.

How I preparing for the suspension? The idea originally was about hanging at my 18th birthday) then this desire for some time lost and returned about 21 years old. But my lifestyle and conditions not allow that, so my first time happened only at 23)). And somehow it all came together - as, in fact it should happened, and it's perfect! I was ready physically and, more importantly, internally)

3. The process.

It was exciting to make a step to new emotions, because I read a lot of information, subjective judgments already-"hung"-guys, so it was difficult to create a complete picture of the situation and still remain a lot of questions. Whether on-site guys someone else, most likely there would be more excitement) Who knows, maybe I would have chickened out))). 
I'm still afraid of needles and injections, even though the number of my tattoo, so I tried not to look at the needle and its size) But you know how it is, you don't wanna look, but still looking at the scary object)))
Of course it's really hurt and uncomfortable in the beginning of the procedure, but not so eerily disgusting. Adequately, the more that a few minutes later all the unpleasant feeling passed. But that was the first step)


The second is feel the pressure at the skin, and relax your mind. I am overcome this step too - my legs leave the ground. 

Sasha said, that it's hard moment, so I was proud that I overcome that so easy. 

I think, that its really interesting experience, you feel your body completely not same, as usual. Every problems and fears in your head, so when you overcome it you feel pleasure. Also when the "big weight" touch my back, when my legs touch the ground, it was really nice and pleasantly. 

4.Social life.

I didn't tell my mom about that around 2 days. But it was so interesting! So she was unhappy about that.... Some of my friends stay calm, some of them was interested in it and ask a lot. 

5. Do you want to repeat that? 

Repeat? Yep, for sure. 


Sounds good! And of course we do it together. 

I hate piercing sooo much! But I love suspension... So, I decided to make 1 point suicide suspension. 

After awesome Oll's hang my mood was perfect! Power-line make deep sound under my head, some people walked with their dogs, sky was clean and the sunset started. I love to pull the rope independently - from the one side it's hurts more, but from other - I like to feel the control. 

My suspension was easy and fun. I felt some discomfort in the lower back, because of the body disbalance, but that's not disturbed me. I got a big pleasure, flied, looked at the sunset and my friend's smiles.   

We all was happy at this evening!...

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