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Date: 07 november 2014

Angkor Wat suspension

Фото Angkor Wat suspension

I dreamed about suspension in Angkor Wat since the first time I saw his picture. It is not surprising that a few days after crossing the Cambodian border, we were inside the complex with all necessary equipment. Since Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the crowds here are the same as on the pyramids in Egypt or the tower of Pisa. Given this fact, we first went to the most quiet and remote temple, looked around, touch, admire, estimated the number of routes and tourists. Smoked, pondered.

The base is mounted on wooden props that support the temple from further destruction, so we not harm that architectural monument. The pose was chosen the most convenient for the further movement and isn't painful - 1 hook in the back.

Put the camera on continuous shooting, attache tha hook to the carbine, leave the ground...

The hanging was not more than 5 minutes because of tourists...

Went down, gathered equipment and  went to the next temple!))) Khmer children do not get what happened, asked money))) get 2 thousand riel, saw new victims and fled with cries of "Mister! Lady! 1 dollar ! "....

At the next temple were more people, sun rose completely and was noticeably hot ... Walked, closing hook by t-shirt, make some pictures .... Awesome place!....

On the lower level we found nice constractions .... Around periodically held group of tourists and security. The test to attract the attention was:

Nobody looked at the rocking man at the arch, the crowd and guides peacefully passed. After waiting a moment, we deftly threw the noose, I put myself in carabine and pursed my legs.

Phew, after the first suspension was for about an hour, the sun was incredibly hot, and prim feet, instead of the usual separation, it was unusual and, frankly, it hurts .....

In my head a little dizzy and cope with Releasing quickly and independently I did not succeed. My companion easily helped me.

Unobserved, we packed up and drove on to the famous Ta Prohm, which, in addition to the incredible buildings and buried in them trees, famous for admiring crowds of people)))) But there beating and climbed all that is possible and even then, where, in theory, it was impossible (we ignored the signs prohibiting and had a great time away from people) we found a pretty quiet place. At the second attempt (first time tourists distubed us) and we did hanging there.

By this time from first suspension took about 3-4 hours, at this point had only "make step" from the stone with little sideways and down, but the pain was sufficiently convincing :))) I hugged my arms, focused on the fact that at this moment, here and now, my dream fulfilled - and was happy. Fear that we are caught by surprise, the pain of the hook - all departed a bit by the wayside, I closed my eyes and even relaxed. Alex even thought that I feel bad and I turned off - so he saw the difference between step down and relaxation and detachment during the suspension. But new group of tourists shows and we did not have much time to throw the rope without being noticed. We decided to remove the hook due to the fact that in all subsequent temples number of tourists increased in geometric progression and the chance not only to the suspension, but on a quiet back treatment were small.

The mission was successfully accomplished THREE TIMES and we will gladly embraced and shook hands!

Our assumptions about the impossibility of the suspension in the temples Angkor and Bayon are justified - not only crowds of tourists, but also the lack of suitable mounting locations have become a big obstacle. Walking from temple to temple until the evening we felt tired, happy and enthusiastic.

Although dust, heat and long time with hook in the body I got no inflammation and healing passed quickly and safely. During the piercing we used antibacterial ointment "Baneocin" and put at the holes after hook removing also -  my care for the affected areas ended here. I am very glad that this day has been in my life, grateful for my partner Alex support and technical assistance. Angkor Wat - is amazing place, you hung on hooks there or not! 

Dream until your dreams became true!

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