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Date: 09 june 2014

Saint-Petersburg. Part 2

Фото Saint-Petersburg. Part 2

The second part of my story about a trip to St. Petersburg will be about bodysuspension! Oh, I love it)))

Il'shat, brother of my old friend Almaz, was suspended and it was his second suspension. And we met, in fact, on his first:) It happened in June 2014, the weather was "St. Petersburg-style", which means "wet and cold." Postponing the procedure "tomorrow" a few times, we finally decided to spend all cozy and homey - with tea and cookies, watching rain through the window as quite so "St. Petersburg" apartments with high ceilings. Said - done. Screw the anchor chain hoist hung ... The tea is ready, the hooks in the body - Let's go!

He was hunged around 10-15 minutes, that for the first time, especially at home, in my opinion is really good time! The only feature that is downright deep in my memory, this is the first in my practice "fever" after the procedure. Of course, discomfort in piercing area, the air under the skin, discomfort in the neck or lower back - it is a normal reaction, but  a sore throat? :) Whatever, the day passed and the pain gone, so Il'shat decided that he wanted to go through it again. Since August, my visit to St. Petersburg was postponed several times, but when I got my ticket, we already was agreed to pose - elbows - and the place - one of the casts of St. Petersburg.

We met early in the morning, jump in the bus & walk a little after. At the gas station (the last island of civilization on our way) we buy fresh coffee and cookies, climbed under the cars at railway, crossed multilane highways and were in place. There were a few casts, one of them was already occupied by a crowd of paintball-gamers (damn Saturday! - We thought), and after nice talking with  game-organizers we headed to the next building to examine its suitability for our purposes.

Place was found pretty quickly. Feeling comfortable and well, we unpacked our backpacks - foam, rope, iron, first aid kit, music ... The sun shone warmly  through breaks and cracks in the roof and the mood was perfect!

But about this beautyul rig  I want to tell a few words. I always wanted to have a beautiful rig for bodysuspension, something with wings and a nice metallic sheen,  with suitable size for the most common item, but lightweight and compact for travelling. Trying to decide what exactly I need, I found some pictures, which reminds my "perfect rig" & show it to Alex.


 I could not even think that it will grow at first in such a wonderful sketch

and then in the finished product! :) Material - aluminum D16, durable and lightweight. The main cutting we booked and final polish made by ourselves. The result was simply gorgeous winged baby!... :)

After all we finally started :)

When before you felt only  back piercing, it's hard to believe that 5mm hooks in your elbows painless - but it is true. Of corse, it's not a big pleasure but comparing the sensation of back, knees, stomach or elbows - an obvious choice falls on the last. So when I, for example, like some place, but dont wanna hurt myself too much - I choose this particular pose. Piercing part passed quickly and well.

Let's fly! :)


Excellent! Of course, after 10-15 minutes hands started to get tired and gradually unbent, which is typical for this position, and this was the reason for the completion of the suspension. 

Oh, that sweet moment of "touchdown!" Those who didn't experienced this - didn't understand feeling like you bore down on a huge concrete slab, the skin gently lowered into place, and the joy of work done and the euphoria overflowed into several blissful minutes!

After some time we removed the hooks of the body, collected things and, happy and smiling, went home :)

Part 3 - coming soon!

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