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Tonsai is gone

26 december 2015

I arrived at Tonsai 18 December 2015, after two years of absence. Girls from ticket office at Ao Nang remember me- «100bath as always» — smiling, they said. «Welcome back!» — They said. I sat and waited for the boat. I was thinking about everything that happened to me in this mystical place. I could not understand my own feelings. Put my backpack in the longtail (the name of the boat...


18 may 2015

Mirissa is not known for any special attractions. There is a cafe on the beach, clean beaches, great waves, but tourists do not go there just for that. The most popular excursion Mirissa, what cry all guest-house and beach signs, it is certainly an opportunity to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. I recall that we were in Mirissa at the end of the season, which beneficially affected the prices — despite the fact that in some places we still have bid high season (6,000 rupees)...

Sri Lanka. Piercing on the beach

30 april 2015

Taking a walk through the beautiful Sri Lankan beach we noticed a group of people with deads and piercing. Of course, we came to meet! It turned out that the guys from Switzerland, very friendly and  looking for tattoo shop to buy a ball lost in the sea for the lip. As you know, there was no tattoo shops in Mirissa there, but I always carry a complete set of piercing, and I promised to give this the next morning. In the morning we met, drank coffee, and besides...

Sri Lanka

13 april 2015

We went to Sri Lanka in a very original way. Sitting in the rainy Indonesian Berastagi we could not decide where we go from here — Malaysia? Thailand? Philippines? As happens with us in difficult situations when you feel that the situation is out of control and it is unclear what to do next, we threw a coin. Written out on a piece of paper all the country and began a harsh competition of several rounds! :) Sri Lanka emerged victorious...


10 april 2015

Bukit Lawang we left late, because spent time for obnoxious Indonesian ATMs. It is not so easy to find ATM which accepting visa, but not even that — also Bank MANDIRI removed money from the card, but forgot to give them… Well, at least give a card!))) How long we stayed with the staff of the bank — they call the office, for a long time try to connect internet to our leptop for checking the balance… Money finally returned to the card (by the way, the card was a Thai bank KASIKORN)...


07 april 2015

To wayt from Parapat (city on the shore of the lake) to Berastagi not difficult, but you need to go in the morning, because trip will take at least 5 hours. After the ferry (15,000 / person) you need walk (or use local bus, we ignore taxi touts, and pay 10 thousand for two) to get to the bus station. The bus will take you to bustation, but you do not need it —  you need a small office, which sells tickets to Berastagi, directly on the main road, on the right hand as viewed from Parapat...

Showplaces of lake Toba

28 march 2015

Actually, «ROMLAN» was good — a cheap room, delicious food… but the internet was only in the restaurant, and bad, and shower only outside and no hot water (it was stated that it is, but after 10 and 15 minutes remained cold water). In general, after walk at the surrounding area we moved to the hotel  «Hariara.»

A small house with very hot water, overlooking the lake and a good internet cost us (after a long bargaining) 100 thousand IDR...

Way to Toba

25 march 2015

As it turned out there that no direct flight from Langkawi to Medan, so we flew to Penang and from there to Medan...

In Langkawi stunningly empty airport and Penang - awesome cold))) By the Way, if you get stuckin Penang on the transit there is very close tot he airport cheap cafe )))

In Penang before boarding the plane we photographed with military aircraft

In Medan arrived quite late...


20 march 2015

We spent 4 days in Langkawi and this time tried to see all the sights!

A few words about Malaysia: religion — Islam, currency — ringgit (10 Ringgit — 100 baht — 200 rubles — $ 3.5). Relative to the rest of Asia — the prices a little higher, a lot of guest-houses and hotels, but for short time rent prices are high — from 40 Ringgit, so internet and electricity we use in the cafe, and spent the nights on the boat...

From Thailand to Malaysia by the boat!

16 march 2015

Our Thai visa is coming to an end and we were planning to go to Malaysia by hitchhiking. We decided to keepin touch with friends who live permanently in Malaysia — one of them is currently in KL was absent, and the other was on his boat in Phuket and was just going back to Malaysia. We are very happy and «fell on the tail.» Making passed quickly at Chalong Pier in new immigration (open until 15.00, consider when choosing a sea departure), the captain showed the documents to the boat...