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Date: 12 november 2020

Anzol buried alive with hooks in his knees

Фото Anzol buried alive with hooks in his knees

How did you know about burying alive?

I don't remember exactly, probably from the networks or some articles about self-knowledge ...

How many suspensions on hooks/ burying alive you did before?

I was buried alive 1 time before, so it was my second. Stayed inside for 15 minutes, it was not impressed

It was also my 35th suspension on hooks.

What thoughts was inside your mind during the process?

I'm crazy, but this is fucking awesome, I'm second in the world, it's cold, relax, I want it to be perfect and beautiful, hanging naked is cool etc...

Tell us about the process of burying - would you like it to be faster or slower? Most memorable moment?

I wanted it faster. I didn't remember any special moment,  the whole process in one breath.

How long did you lie under the ground and what is your impressions?

it seems 3 minutes, judging by the photo and video, but for me about 10 minutes, it was cold and it was not possible to dive fully.

How did you understand that it was time to go out?

It was crazy cold & became harder to breathe. And the state of mind stopped changing. 

Is it a big difference  between this and normal suspension?

a huge difference ... it seemed like he skin was already breaking, pretty heavy and scary.

Do you recommend a similar experience to others? Do you want to try it again?

of course yes ... the first time nothing is clear.


Zombie game _censored from Anti Shanti on Vimeo.

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