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Sun Dance

13 april 2014

Sun cult was prevalent in agricultural people's eligions in America & it closely connected with fertility rites. With the relocation of the same agricultural tribes in the prairies and their transition to hunting and horse breeding, this cult changed.
Buffalos has big value in Injuns lives, so it's not surprising that the most important things compilated in syncretic cult, which included veneration of the sun and buffalos. A good example of this given by te-ton tribe...


09 april 2014

 Thaipusam is celebrated every year on the day when the full moon in the month of «Thai» meets the brightest star «pusam». Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated at the full moon in January / February. During the festival celebrating the Hindu mythological event where Parvati ransmission to God of the war Murugan a spear with which he killed the demon Surapadmana. Murugan — eldest son of Shiva and Parvati, the god with six heads and twelve hands, god of youth, beauty...

George Catlin. O-Kee-Pa

01 april 2014

Many people know that the O-Kee-Pa — is hanging by 2 hooks in the chest, but few people are aware of what exactly that means. I would like to finally dispel all doubts and publish adequate information using  American ethnologist George Catlin's article. 
But first about Catlin himself.

Catlin was born and raised in Wilkes — Barre, Pennsylvania. He was fond of hunting, fishing and was interested in Indian artifacts...