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Suicide bodysuspension

05 april 2017

Sergei Chernenko pierced his knees by hinself :))) But he can't hang for a long time in a «shrimp» pose, so after «cut down» he hang in the usual suicide pose with 2 hooks in his back)
And here we go with the traditional interview! :)
How did you know about the suspension?
At the age of 16 I saw unusual people, they had colored hair, huge holes in the ears and tattooes on the body. Later I saw a ritual of suspension in one of the videos on YouTube...

Last day of the summer

05 april 2017

With Mike Amanita we crossed many times at conventions, but we not communicated a lot. Especially valuable is the experience that we thanks to each other received, seeing off the summer on the Gulf of Finland)))
The weather was sunny and windy.
Not so much photos, but you can look the video

Here you have a traditional interview from Mike) Enjoy the emotions!
How long did you think about the procedure...

2 points Knee suspension

05 april 2017

With the onset of cold weather is not possible to make outdoor suspensions in Russia, but we never give up! You have a great opportunity to test yourself in a cozy studio in the center of St. Petersburg) Standing on nails, plague light, herbal teas, Hangers on ropes and hooks — not a complete list of how to spend a windy St.Petersburg evening))) Here's an interview from the first client of the studio, Sasha))...

Why people hanging on the hooks?

04 april 2017

The question «why people hang on hooks» is really popular. What can I say, I asked myself too!
There are many variants of the answer.
History of the ritual
On the one hand, suspension on hooks is known in many cultures, ranging from Hindu worship to the god Murugan and ending with the traditions of some tribes of North American Indians. Regardless of the culture in which people subjected themselves to suspension on the skin, this is due to a certain test, rite...

Tonsai is gone

26 december 2015

I arrived at Tonsai 18 December 2015, after two years of absence. Girls from ticket office at Ao Nang remember me- «100bath as always» — smiling, they said. «Welcome back!» — They said. I sat and waited for the boat. I was thinking about everything that happened to me in this mystical place. I could not understand my own feelings. Put my backpack in the longtail (the name of the boat...

On the way

13 december 2015

This day has come!
To be honest, nobody believe that it will come))) Yes, this year I am flying for the first time:
— Extremely late,
— Alone.
A little scary, as always before the aircraft. As always before smth unknown. As always in the beginning.
A little hurts that I leave dear people here. I'll wait.
And very happily in anticipation of new meetings and old friends, the hot sun and sea air, Buddhist chants and crazy parties...


16 october 2015

so staggering rises so deafening falls!
so fantastic love, so tenderness exhausting!
so big mistakes, so devastating fails!
so crazy backwash, so unexpected finals! 
I bring everything to the point of absurdity, to the most extreme measures. no fear, no shame, no conscience. Going to the end, destroying the barriers at full speed, destroying EVERYTHNG at full speed! Even people and relationships, even my own principles and public morals...

Increase the lips

24 august 2015

Well, not that I have a complexes)))) I just like full lips and like bodymodifications. Adopted share bodmod (tattoos, piercing, tongue split, implants) and cosmetology with its injections, thread and lasers. Plastic surgery is quite separate.
People who turn to cosmetologists — «normal», those who go to surgeons — a little bit not, but nevertheless society perceives the pursuit of beauty was natural at all times. Tighten the chin, suck out fat from the hips...

Interview with John Luna Cobra

20 august 2015

How you get the desire to make tattoo on the eyes?
Years ago my friend shannon from bme photoshoped his eyes blue and since that day I thought about it.

Who was the first who had to make a tattoo on the eyeball, and what were the feelings of the master in this procedure?
I worked on 3 people that first day at MODCON, I tried many different things on those 3 people. then over the years I changed how I do it and what I use many times, up until a couple years ago...

Lip tattoo

17 august 2015

I am an ardent fan of the experiments,  new experience, first times and everything unusual and shocking, and it's not only the appearance but the life-style also. How I love to talk — «ashamed better than never»)))
This time I decided to get a tattoo inside the mouth on the lip. I saw a lot of pictures in Facebook, but always it was a fresh tattoo, so I had no idea how it will heal. Moreover, despite the large number of tattoos on my body, I never used the red ink...