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Suspension and masochism

20 may 2015

Many people confuse suspension and masochism, called people interested bodimod masochists, releasing severity in this regard. Let's see whether this is so and whether there is truth in these words.
To begin with let's deal with the term itself. As is known, the term «masochism» comes from the name of  Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Leo was born in 1836 in Lvov, from childhood showed inclination to violent scenes — execution, the martyrs, violence...


05 april 2014

 Continuing my «psychological notes», I want to pay attention to such suspension aspect as stress. It's not difficult to come to logical conclusion that fear and pain during suspension lead to definite states and reactions which can be called «psychological stress». And even if the suspension is done in the frames of freak-show or enternainment the person in any case will feel anxiety and pain. 
To learn this issue better, let's consider the notion of «stress» itself...


02 april 2014

Fear has been the object of specialists studies in different scientific branches — philosophers, sociologists,psychologists, psychiatrists, physiologists, etc. which of them imagened this phenomena in his own way. Some philosophers ( for example, S. Kiergegor ...


02 april 2014

I suspended, suspended others, interviewed the clients — and found out two evident constants of each suspension — it is fear and pain. Depending on time, place, pose, experience and individual specific of the person, these constans are displayed in different extent, but their overcoming is always the core of the ritual. In this artical I'll consider pain as from general accepted scientific viewpoint, as psyhological viewpoint, and answer the question why we are not equal before it...