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Date: 05 april 2017

2 points Knee suspension

Фото 2 points Knee suspension

With the onset of cold weather is not possible to make outdoor suspensions in Russia, but we never give up! You have a great opportunity to test yourself in a cozy studio in the center of St. Petersburg) Standing on nails, plague light, herbal teas, Hangers on ropes and hooks - not a complete list of how to spend a windy St.Petersburg evening))) Here's an interview from the first client of the studio, Sasha))) 

knee suspension 2 points knee bodysuspension
"Sasha Shanti is a wonderful master and an even more wonderful person, a positive attitude before the suspension is guaranteed. Gently she put two small hooks in my knees (the road of adventure is closed to me now :D) Suspension was great, soothing music carried away my mind and the sense of time was carried away with him, so I hang, as it turned out, 20 minutes. When I was down, I stayed for a while, lying on the floor. After that Sasha removed the hooks from my knees.

Generally in the studio you can get the right mood before suspension, for example, stand on nails or drink tea ☺
Everything heales good, without problems and I was pleased with the suspension. "(C) Sasha Katkov.

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