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Date: 10 february 2015

Flying under the waterfall

Фото Flying under the waterfall

On the same day we met with Sergei, we asked him about suspension. And he agreed))) It should be noted that he has no tattoos and piercings, he just interested in new things. This new, which changes a person from the inside, not outside. In my opinion, this is a very correct approach.

Here is his interview.

How long you thought about suspension?

Just a couple of times I thinking about what motivates people to commit ritual.
But when it was suggested to me personally, all thoughts took about 20 minutes. It was uncomfortable with the thought that I will provide an opportunity pass by.

What was the motivation?

Motivation - understand the meaning of the ritual, go to the end and see what happens.
I want to understand what I can get and ho it will be. A bunch of questions that only one answer - two hooks in the back and a strong rope.

What about piercing procedure?

Feeling on the edge. Had never experienced anything like that without urgent need. This is the line on which I want to learn to balance, to remove the fear and pain and make my own strength.

How was the ritual?

All the emotions and feelings during the ritual - it lots and lots of text and can only wait for inspiration to write it. For now just - Cool! Now I do not want to repeat, it was painful, strange, but very cool)

Did you got your expectations, what you feel after?

Such moments I call "evolutionary leap". Such an expansion of consciousness - it is always a new and unexpectedly valuable experience. I feel a lot of things. Training, communication with guys, the ritual itself, all weaved into a single trip, an adventure which is clearly influenced and affect me. I want to thank my new friends for the opportunity! And respect you for what you are doing and cool attitude to life!

I would like to add my own "thank you" for an interesting acquaintance and communication. Serge - very strong and brave man, and we were very happy to spend the day in his company.

I hope to see you soon! =)

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