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Date: 20 august 2015

Interview with John Luna Cobra

Фото Interview with John Luna Cobra

How you get the desire to make tattoo on the eyes?

Years ago my friend shannon from bme photoshoped his eyes blue and since that day I thought about it.

Who was the first who had to make a tattoo on the eyeball, and what were the feelings of the master in this procedure?

I worked on 3 people that first day at MODCON , I tried many different things on those 3 people . then over the years I changed how I do it and what I use many times, up until a couple years ago, now I feel its as safe as can be.


Were there any complications after the procedure? 

During the first procedure over 8 years ago now there was a small point that we felt was too deep, but in the end after many exams shannon's eye was ok.

What color tattoo eye was the most unusual,original?

Some years ago I did the fist multi colored eye on pauly unstoppable ( now farrah flawless) so that was unusual for sure.

Did you make some interview with client before the procedure or everyone can come and make it?

I have an email form that everyone reads before they can agree to get the tattoo.

*if you can please make sure when you write this to tell people this is very dangerous and world wide many people are now blind from trying to do this tattoo*

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