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Date: 05 april 2017

Last day of the summer

Фото Last day of the summer

With Mike Amanita we crossed many times at conventions, but we not communicated a lot. Especially valuable is the experience that we thanks to each other received, seeing off the summer on the Gulf of Finland)))

The weather was sunny and windy.

Not so much photos, but you can look the video

Mike Amanita photo

Here you have a traditional interview from Mike) Enjoy the emotions!

How long did you think about the procedure?

The first time I saw in 2010, and now remembering this, maybe that was your work .... Immediately realized that I would definitely do it, but in a different setting. So 6 years.

How was the piercing?

Well, as a good piercing. Fast. I basically do not really like the piercing, but these was not the most painful in my life))

The ritual itself?

Perhaps, the written below will be boring somehow, because of enthusiasm or attempts to reduce it, but as it is. Once again - many thanks for such a fit. Matched everything just magically - time, place, weather. When I used to imagine what this ritual could be like, it looked cool in my imagination - night, forest, fire and so on. And at us left - the sun, a wind, a beach - it was perfect!

How was the healing?

On the second day antiseptic. That's it :)

Has anything changed after the ritual?

Of course, many things have changed, such procedures have a very positive effect on life) Well, if we talk about suspensions, then a month or two after I thought "it was cool and probably enough". But the glory of nature and the ability of our brain to forget the strange and unpleasant (like the air under the skin) now I understand that someday I'll necessarily repeat) 

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