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On the way

13 december 2015

This day has come!
To be honest, nobody believe that it will come))) Yes, this year I am flying for the first time:
— Extremely late,
— Alone.
A little scary, as always before the aircraft. As always before smth unknown. As always in the beginning.
A little hurts that I leave dear people here. I'll wait.
And very happily in anticipation of new meetings and old friends, the hot sun and sea air, Buddhist chants and crazy parties...


16 october 2015

so staggering rises so deafening falls!
so fantastic love, so tenderness exhausting!
so big mistakes, so devastating fails!
so crazy backwash, so unexpected finals! 
I bring everything to the point of absurdity, to the most extreme measures. no fear, no shame, no conscience. Going to the end, destroying the barriers at full speed, destroying EVERYTHNG at full speed! Even people and relationships, even my own principles and public morals...

Increase the lips

24 august 2015

Well, not that I have a complexes)))) I just like full lips and like bodymodifications. Adopted share bodmod (tattoos, piercing, tongue split, implants) and cosmetology with its injections, thread and lasers. Plastic surgery is quite separate.
People who turn to cosmetologists — «normal», those who go to surgeons — a little bit not, but nevertheless society perceives the pursuit of beauty was natural at all times. Tighten the chin, suck out fat from the hips...

Lip tattoo

17 august 2015

I am an ardent fan of the experiments,  new experience, first times and everything unusual and shocking, and it's not only the appearance but the life-style also. How I love to talk — «ashamed better than never»)))
This time I decided to get a tattoo inside the mouth on the lip. I saw a lot of pictures in Facebook, but always it was a fresh tattoo, so I had no idea how it will heal. Moreover, despite the large number of tattoos on my body, I never used the red ink...

Increase the teeth

25 july 2015

It's always interesting to try something new, besides, they look really awesome. Find out all the appearances and contacts will tell you how it was and what it requires.

To get started is to say that you can made that on healthy teeth and remove the nerves does not necessarily. In general, the process is similar to conventional seal. For First tooth «etched» special acid to seal better adhesion to the tooth surface. The taste — exactly like acid...


01 january 2015

This is our clothes: linen, jackets, raincoats, flis for cold weather, according to some shorts and pants on one person, a few shirts that came into complete disrepair)))

For shower: shower gel, razors, deodorant, toothpaste, brushes, clippers, cosmetics, which I did not use)))

Papers: passports, bank cards, driving license, wallet, notebooks, signs in Vietnamese)))

Bag with valuable electronic stuff: 2 leptops, telephones, gopro, memory cards, flash...

1 week of raw diet

05 november 2014

1 day.
At breakfast — Puer and bananas. I — ate, Alex — no. In the evening, drinking herbal tea, ate 2 dragonfruits, 3 mangos. I — ate, I felt fine. Alex- hungry and slightly annoyed. It seems that the body does not understand that all this seriously and not a joke :)

Day 2.
At breakfast — Puer and excellent mango & papaya. In the morning was hungry, but ate fruit and behaved actively passed 14km, drinking water, ate fruit-shake with passion fruit and avocado...