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Date: 05 april 2017

Suicide bodysuspension

Фото Suicide bodysuspension

Sergei Chernenko pierced his knees by hinself :))) But he can't hang for a long time in a "shrimp" pose, so after "cut down" he hang in the usual suicide pose with 2 hooks in his back)
And here we go with the traditional interview! :)
How did you know about the suspension?
At the age of 16 I saw unusual people, they had colored hair, huge holes in the ears and tattooes on the body. Later I saw a ritual of suspension in one of the videos on YouTube, and I realized that I wanted to Try.
What thoughts did you attend before the ritual?
Always before the ritual there is a kind of fear mixed with the desire and anticipation of something indescribable, a very unusual combination)))

 bodysuspension artist photo

How was the piercing procedure?

I had a lot of piercings, so I'm not afraid of needles, it's a fee.

The piercings themselves are a bit unpleasant, nothing more.

piercing for bodysuspension photo

What can you tell about the procedure itself?

Suspension gives reboot, shake, adrenaline rush. After that you look at things differently.

Sasha Shanti piercing photo

What did you feel after the ritual?
After the suspension I was filled with euphoria)))

suicide bodysuspension photo

Have your expectations been fulfilled? Has anything changed after?
In fact, I thought it would be more painful and prepared for it. But it's scary only in appearance, so the next step is to jump on the hooks.

With each suspension you assert yourself in your power.

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