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Date: 20 october 2014

Lama & the Waterfall

Фото Lama & the Waterfall

How long  you thought about suspension?

About suspension I thought since guys told that it's can be done) From this time to suspension passed 8 days (I think) and all this time was a pleasant and anxious waiting for something new and unusual.

What was the motivation?

The desire to surprise my girlfriend. At that moment we are not talk for a month) It's works !! Test myrself also was a motivation, but less.

What about piercing procedures ?

Awesome . A couple of days before the suspension, I thoughts began to flow, "and it probably will hurts ..." It was a little bit scary, and guys also joking that it will hurt for sure) But the most painful procedure was tear off the plaster witha  hair on my legs.

What about suspension itself?

It was a wonderful feeling of weightlessness with a feeling that you're invulnerable. 10-15-year-olds Indians were far more complicated ritual, but involvement to this culture have delivered precious experience.

How does it feel after? Did you get your expectations?

The following days were filled with a sense of life, the fullness. The back is straightened, memories enthralled.

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