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Free Fall Suspension

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Free Fall Suspension. WTF?

05 december 2020

#freefall suspension — jump with hooks in the skin from high object. 
First in that was Moscow suspension team «SINNER team». 
Everything started from small solo amplitude jumps in 2010.

If you wanna learn more — here is docu from 2011:

In 2020 situation changes a lot, and here is the craziest docu about 2-way and tandem jumps from 250m high rock:

STILL FALLING FOR YOU '20 (full movie...

Andrey Efremov - crazy guy from Siberia about jumps on nails, ripped skin and jumps in the cold water

12 november 2020

How long you making jumps with hooks? Did you jump with hooks?
I started in summer 2015. I jumped 3 times (info for 2020). First time in Novosibirsk with Stan Aksenov, and twice with Sasha, both times from 250m mountain. I didnt jump a lot, its not my pleasure, I mostly like to create new kinds of jumps for others.  
Tell me how bodysuspension in Novokuznetsk starts? Where did you get hooks/needles?
In 2015 with friend of mine we decided to try bodysuspension...