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Date: 15 august 2015

Bodysuspension in Saint-Petesburg

Фото Bodysuspension in Saint-Petesburg

On August 10, on a fine day in St. Petersburg, with a pleasant company we have gone suspended. For a start I will say that the company was good as in the good old days - Yana and Alice, Ferd, Max and me))) Of course, in such a company I did not leave the idea that some man here are severely lacking, some unfathomable talent in the field of suspensions, a man whom I did not stop cursing in terms of vitality and which never cease to admire as the Master. Well, hello, here nothing else to say)))

The place is called a Wagon or a Fish - both of them from the name of the place - Fishing subway, Wagon ride. Building is amazing - a lot of rope jumpers and paintball guys, well, we love this plase also)))

This time a man was with me so the whole rigging part was produced by Max))) Oh, yes, that's fine))) I do not want to make rigging, I want to pierce and smoking, like in old nice days. And be suspend. And have fun. Suspensions must go on and mans are usefull, I think so)))

We had a few clients, including some people whom trying suspension for the first time . Since even expirienced "gallows" (including me and Yana) choose a simple 2 hooks suicide we had specifically reserved a lot of sea demons))) The first was the inimitable Yanochka skinny-babe)

She was suspend long and sexy as always)))

Next on the list went Ferd, he decided to fix his back in such an unusual way. His suspension was also good and long & Ferd is beautiful.


Serge hung for the third time, all the times he was hurt by my hands)

Respect, brother, keep it up!

Next client was our friend Sailor aka Serge-3 at that day))) For the first time coped very well, I did not expect))) Usually I can't guess how is sus will happen  - sometimes I think - "he will be good!" and after a few minutes I see a pale face, and sometimes I think, "Well, he can't do that" but the person hang for a long time and looks happy!

How did it happen? Serge was awesome)))

It was all so fervently, so good! Music shook, the sun was shining, people were stoned and smiling and it all poured warmth and happiness into a body that first time for a long time I really wanna be suspend! Said - done, 2 hooks came into my scar back, I lift myself by myself (ah, the most difficult part of it is to give the rope to another guy when you're already in the air). I listened TOOL (like them), and fly in this happiness more and more!

Thank you, brothers and sisters, it was truly cool and I remember every hand that sent me into this flight!))



Yes, it was like celebration)) Then we decided make a double - suspension at one rig . The first time it happened to me Oslo at Suscon. Not to say that I am delighted with this kind of swinging, but why not?

Anyway It was fun)))

After that I suspened alone for 30-40 minutes. Max did all massages and take out the hooks (God damn, how nice to work in a team!). The rope fixed, Tool played as loud as it possible and I rocked myself by free end of the rope. On my own. Muffled voices of the party, favorite music, favorite hooks, strange thoughts, flight and complete self-sufficiency .....

You know what, bearded? ... You can call me an ungrateful bitch as much as you want. But THANKS that bodysuspension came into my live.

I Love it so much! 

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