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Date: 28 june 2015

13th Tattoo Festival in Saint-Petersburg

Фото 13th Tattoo Festival in Saint-Petersburg

13 Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival held June 12-13-14. Me with Moscow company of friends began to celebrate this thing on the day before the first day of festival so we were completelly drunk!

Arriving at the club, we continued with "White Horse")))) We met a bunch of friends, talked, drink... We are like a fire with my lovely Kate) Oh yeah!)

Actually, about how we spent the whole 3 days, but I would like to highlight a few interesting moments. For starters, the winners in my favorite categories - ornamental and thrash polka tattoo. Catch!


In the end of the day))))

Just kidding))) The second day of the convention, we started in the amusement park. Katechka want to put aside some bricks before the event and we as friends gave her this opportunity)))) Catapult was not so terrible))))


The second day I remember not only that. Later in the afternoon I had my second pulling. Pictures with the car I almost did not find... ((((

The hardest part of Pulling - first move the car. Given that my weight - 47 kg, the weight of car - 1500kg, and the asphalt was covered with ruts and holes - a few times I needed help of remarkable Igor - piercer in notorious tattoo studio "TATTOO-3000". Thank you, man!


Our fun with hooks didn't stop at that moment))) .... Hungover morning I came up with the "brilliant idea" - that if we pretend that I can stop Kawasaki by hooks? No sooner said than done! It was even scary, btw))))

It was truly awesome! Thank you, Andrei, for not kill me)))  And sign on the asphalt  was fun ....

The rally "Sasha torment" is not over there and I get my new micro-friend. With him, by the way, despite injuries and drunkenness, everything all right. Here it is, the magic power of Festival))))

In general, the convention was a successfull! Thank irresistible Katechka for the company, Igor and Andrew for their help, all the rest - just what you have been pleased to see you! See you next year! Hooray!

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