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Date: 05 december 2020

about me

Фото about me

Hi! My name is Sasha Shanti, I am body suspension artist.

Suspension on hooks

I started to practice hooks suspension in 2009. The most popular pose - "suicide" (2-4 hooks in the back), then lotus, supermen, coma, knees, chest...  Unpopular poses  are rocking horse, winged monkey, splits... Also look at ASStronaut suspension, that;s always funny! My favorite pose is - 1pt suicide and elbows.


Why ppl hang on hooks? Because it works :) 

Do you have scars from hooks? Yes, 3-5mm scars.

More about physiological and psychological aspects of body suspension you can read here

About history of ritual you can read here


Hooks&Ropes I started to make beginners easier go up. With ropes I can play with pressure and if in the begining of suspension you can have 60% of the weight on ropes and then slowly less and less. If you feel comfortable we can remove ropes completely.


In this way I can change body position several times during session, playing with shapes and poses.


I started practicing ropes as an artist in 2017 and since that I took a part in several rope festivals in Russia and Europe. I like that ropes gaves so many options - from stage, through private sessions to the bed. Since 2021 I also do workshops for beginners and ppl, who want to combine hooks and ropes.


Freefall suspension. 

Freefall suspension (jump on hooks) started in 2010 with SINNER team. See more about jumps in short docu




I love to do shows! I make performances only with expirienced models, never with beginners (even if you beg me :) Usually its 30min show, content depends on your wish and type of event. I can do "only shibari/ropes" show, or "only flesh hooks" or "mix of hooks and ropes". I like to do very dynamic, active performance with at least 1 surprise haha. I have my own fog machine and background video if you have a screen or projector on the stage. 

At the moment I took a part in events like Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival (club А2), Goa Tattoo Festival (India), Russian Tattoo Expo, Moscow Knot, Rope Fest - International Shibari Festival, (Berlin), Boundcon (Munchen), VENUS (Berlin).    



Graving or "Warrior's Funeral" is a sensory deprivation ritual. All ppl have completely different experience, some interviews about that I have  - here.  

I never practiced this ritual "over night", in my opinion 10-60 min totally enough for all practicioners. I use gas mask as a breathing tube, so I can hear you and we can communicate. In the end of "grave time" I can undig you or pull you out with ropes.


Also, 2 times I pulled ppl out with hooks. First time - with Lily Lu, you can read  about his impression  here.  

The second person was Anzol, you can read about that here.

I like to perform this ritual in a small groups 3-5 ppl, its easier to dig the grave and makes a nice "tribe experience". 

You can do much more, than you think you can!  Write me! 


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